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Strengthening Relationships -because every child matters and every moment counts

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Strengthening Relationships -because every child matters and every moment counts

information about parent programmes

123 Magic

123 Magic is a parenting programme that focuses on controlling unwanted behaviour, rewarding positive behaviour and strengthening parent-child relationships. The programme aims to provide parents with the tools to reduce challenging behaviour and encourage positive behaviour in children. The programme explores parent-child relationships and the purpose of children’s behaviour, including sibling rivalry, conflict and tantrums. It shows how applying 123 Magic can make a positive difference to the parent-child relationship. The programme is normally delivered over 6 weeks, in 3, 2 hour sessions. 

On completion of this programme, parents often report feeling:

  • ​more confident in their parenting
  • more able to control unwanted behaviour
  • stronger parent-child relationships

123 Magic is delivered by a number of services in Nottinghamshire and is often the first parenting programme parents access as it gives parents an opportunity to meet with other parents, reflect on how they parent and address some common difficulties that many families face. 


What is 1-2-3 Magic? And how does it help?

Dr Phelan who wrote the 123 Magic programme talk about the programme and how it works.





Non Violent Resistance (NVR) support is offered to parents who are experiencing physical aggression from their child. Find out more about NVR here. The NVR Parenting Approach was originally developed to support adults caring for young people presenting with behaviours that concern such as violence, risk taking, aggression or self-destruction. The NVR approach is now being used in a variety of contexts including adoption, communities, SEND, schools and with adults in both direct work and in group settings.

A parents experience with (NVR) Non Violent Resistance.

New Forest Parenting Programme (ADHD support) 

New Forest is an evidence-based parenting programme delivered by Small Steps service for children with a diagnosis of ADHD or where a diagnosis of ADHD is being considered. Referrals for the programme are done through Small Steps, by completing a Getting To Know Me form, by paediatrician letter or by contacting the Early Help Unit (speak to your child's school for more information about these services). 

The topics covered during the programme are: • What is ADHD • Sensory issues • Communication • Understanding behaviour • Behaviour strategies • Play • Routines • Communication • Social stories • Mindfulness • Boundaries • Feelings

Cygnet Programme  (autism support)

The Cygnet Programme is delivered by the Small Steps service to families where a child is aged 5-18yrs and has a diagnosis of autism. Cygnet is an evidence-based parenting programme. The topics covered during the programme are: • Overview of what Autism is • Autism and diagnosis • Sensory issues • Communication • Understanding behaviour • Supporting behaviour • Parents’ choice (parents choose what they would like to discuss) 4 additional sessions are offered at parent’s request, these include: • Healthy relationships • Puberty • Sexual health • Catch up session (a date is agreed by the group for them to come back together as a social occasion. Referrals are made by completing a Getting To Know Me form, contacting the Early Help Unit, by letter from a paediatrician or through Small Steps (please talk to staff at your child's school for more information about these services). 

Solihull Approach

This programme gives parents/carers a chance to develop a sensitive relationship based approach to parenting. Parents are helped to understand how they can influence their relationship with their child through play. The course has been developed by registered professionals within the NHS, working with practitioners and parents to develop new resources to support emotional health and wellbeing in children, families, and adults. 

The groups aim to:

  • Promote understanding of children’s behaviour within the context of developmental issues
  • Promote the development of parent/child relationship
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem in both parents and children
  • Give parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong
  • Promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting

Solihull Approach is delivered by Family service and Children's Centre services in the Sherwood Area Partnership area. Ask your child's school for details of how to make a referral. 

'Understanding your child's behaviour' from the Solihull Approach

Clinical Psychologist Rebecca Johnson discusses the Solihull Approach's 'Understanding your child's behaviour' group for parents - a 10-week group to improve...